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Primal Paleo Bars - Cashew and Apple (12 Bars)

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Primal Paleo Bars - Cashew and Apple (12 Bars)

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  • Unleash your primal instinct with our tasty Primal Paleo bars
  • Made from 100% simple natural whole-food ingredients including dates and cashew nuts
  • Gluten and dairy-free snack bar
  • Richer nutritional profile than most processed food bars


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Why did we create Primal Paleo Bars?

The Paleolithic (paleo) diet or caveman diet, observes the concept that the paleolithic way of human life was when we as a human species were at the pinnacle of fitness in terms of strength, body fat composition and endurance due to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle at the time – the mantra being, you could only eat what you could catch.

The rise in popularity of this diet has led to many studies to observe the resulting health benefits of following a paleo diet and when compared to a typical western diet which is high in refined sugar, processed food and saturated fat following a paleo diet can lead to improvements in body fat composition and metabolic effects.
“We can’t fully mimic the exact foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, but we don’t have to in order to make improvements in our general health and well-being,” says John Citrone, former Mr. Universe but what we can do is take steps towards a healthier lifestyle by utilising everyday food available at supermarkets today.

Why use this product

No doubt we all have times in life (travelling, meetings, running late, etc.) when we simply cannot eat a nutritious hearty home-cooked meal. It’s far too easy to fill up on an unhealthy fast food snack when stuck for choice and although an unhealthy snack seems like an innocent choice, but making them too often can be detrimental to the body and your health as they compound over time. These bars help you to stay healthy – even when stuck for choice, just simply unwrap and enjoy.
Rushed for time in the morning? Enjoy this product guilt-free as a paleo breakfast bar rather than reaching for a greasy bacon sandwich.
Need a quick fix before a workout? Due to the all-natural ingredients used, this bar contains natural fats and sugar and can act as a paleo energy bar.
Can’t hold on until your next meal? As they’re rich in fibre, grab a Primal Paleo bar instead of the chocolate and you’re guaranteed to be more satisfied.

How it’s used

Simply unwrap and enjoy!

What you can expect

Each box contains 12 bars and comes in two different delicious flavours, Cashew & Cocoa or Cashew & Apple – each flavour is distinctly sweet and wholesome in texture.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to ditch unhealthy snacking in favour of a healthier lifestyle.


Perfect any time of day, as a breakfast snack or midday between meals.

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